Our Partners


The Urban Penguin is led by world-renowned Linux expert Andrew Mallett who is passionate about Open Source. Although it may feel as though time, money and the efficiency of your business are at stake when choosing your training provider; we offer cost-effective industry-leading business solutions which we believe is the best training in Linux you will find and your company needs – a win-win! Providing over 54 video courses, as well live online training, you will find something to help.

The Urban Penguin became official partners in 2021. The Urban Penguin have continued to support the charity throughout enabling us to provide life changing counselling and help us achieve our objectives.


Kirkstone House is a small, friendly and nurturing school in which each individual is well known and supported in order that they can reach their potential. This is reflected in their excellent GCSE results. They are non-selective in that they accept pupils of all abilities and parents who have children with different strengths have the opportunity to educate siblings with differing needs in one school. 

Kirkstone House became official partners in 2022 and to date have raised much needed funds for the charity.


BCF co-founders have a close link with Peterborough United after years of service working at the football club. The current first team assistant manager and previous academy manager Kieran Scarff understands the importance of promoting mental health awareness throughout all levels of the sport. Kieran is a valued trustee within our charity.


Stamford Academy is a fulltime Football and Education Academy 16+ Scheme, based at Stamford AFC Borderville Sports Complex, finished GCSE, play football, join their scheme.

Stamford Academy became official partners in 2021. Since becoming partners Stamford Academy have contributed with vital fundraising and have utilised the workshop service the charity provides, to raise mental health awareness among players and staff.