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Counselling is a talking therapy that is based on a working partnership between the counsellor and their client, to help clients identify their goals and potential solutions to problems within the clients day to day life. Counselling allows clients to communicate, develop coping strategies, promote the acknowledgment of their mental health and emotions, understand and grow their self-esteem and promote change within their behaviour and lifestyle to enable the client to reach the optimal goal they may have for receiving counselling.

The Bobby Copping Foundation works with a number of professionally qualified preferred counsellors to provide counselling to anyone of any age who may require it.

Our counsellors are all registered with either the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) or The
National Counselling Society (NCS).

Our counsellors all work in an ethical, empathetic and non judgemental manner following in line with their own policies and procedures of practice that are used throughout all counsellor and client relationships, allowing for clear boundaries to be defined and a trusting, professional relationship to be formed and built.

At the Foundation we understand that waiting for counselling is not always the best option for the client, and sadly can also cause financial burdens and therefore, we pride ourselves being able to offer counselling to those who need it at no cost. We aim to have one of our preferred counsellors make initial contact with a client within 2 to 7 working days with the aim of starting their first session with the counsellor within 15 working days.

The Bobby Copping Foundation counsellors work from their preferred working location, by telephone or face to face through online systems such as zoom. This allows for the client to receive therapy by means of a safe place, around their daily life, creating a relaxing sanctuary of there from the beginning.

The Foundations provides six, one hour sessions of therapy for clients, should a client continue to require a further six-sessions, the Foundation will liaise with counsellors on an individual client basis for the progression of the sessions that are required.

All clients are to refer to the policies and procedures of the professionally qualified counsellor they are assigned.

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Anyone can make a referral through to the Foundation by using the referral link, or should you have any questions
or wish to speak with a member of the Bobby Copping Foundation team first please get in touch.
Should you be interested in becoming a preferred counsellor at The Bobby Copping Foundation please get in touch.

To get in touch, please use the button below or email us at counselling@thebobbycoppingfoundation.com




Mental health is a journey many of us go on and is not something to be ashamed of. In May 2016, I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer known as PAWS-GIST. Receiving the diagnosis took the wind out from underneath me.

I had always been known by friends, family, and colleagues as an upbeat, loud, and smiling character, but in that moment, I sat in a small yellow office with an oncologist and I was broken. Not only had I been told I had cancer, but it also didn’t have a cure.

I was fortunate enough that they discovered it when they did, and the type of cancer I had was a slow growing one, but still, what did that mean for me? It meant I spent the next 7 years fighting.